As the steam rises in long tendril curls I cool it with my breath.
The smell of spiced comforts and soothes
I close my eyes and for a brief moment I am not here
Sitting awkwardly in a lumpy chair in the café
Surround by bag of shopping carelessly dropped in mounded piles
Sitting is great, I really don’t know if I ever fully appreciated it.
Its like I forgot all about it and then found it again,
And I love it
I suppose I don’t sit nearly enough, I usually don’t have time,
Because there is always things to do and sitting just don’t fit in to my agenda.
But here I am sitting anyways.


~ by loosethreadsandwritersblock on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “sitting”

  1. We tend to be su busy with life that we have no time to sit and take a breath of joy towards living lif

  2. its been a long tme ..keep them coming ..your words

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