We keep our bread in the freezer. This works out quite well because when you go to make a sandwich both the pb and the j are easier to spread and the frozen bread is not mashed down into a shadow of its former self as it would have if it were of the thawed variety. This frozen bread sandwich not only travels well, it also is it very refrigeration system, and by the time it is ready to eat the frozen bread sandwich is the perfect temperature and the jam is minimally soaked in. It is also arguable that frozen dempsters ancient grains bread is the perfect canvas for creating the ultimate nutella peanut butter ricecrispie chocolate banana sandwich, but of course we can’t say for sure.
There is one major issue of this freezer bread storage method. You know all the ends? They are the parts of the bread at the end of the loaf that everyone seems to reach past in order to grab the nice fluffy slices. Some may call for the instant discarding of such portions of crusty end bread; I however call for nothing quite so drastic. When children are starving in Africa I cannot bring myself to discard these slices of sustenance and let them accumulate in many bags at the back of the freezer, until there are sufficient amounts to facilitate the creation of a bread pudding
Let it be said that I make great bread pudding. Mind you it does take much more valuable ingredients then all the assorted ends add up to, but this is not relevant.


~ by loosethreadsandwritersblock on November 23, 2009.

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  1. its awhile since I saw more new write up ..hope all is well

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