to any one thats listening, thanks for taking time to read this. my name is charlotte, i’m a high school student going in to grade eleven. i love to write, but i’m really bad at making time for it, so i thought that starting a blog that i could post to regularly might help. i also want to get as much feed back as i can so i can improve as much as possible.
what i write, my poetry, is like the loose threads that pull out of seams; i take them, pull at them, sometimes they’re nothing, they come apart in my hand before i can capture anything worth reading. but every once in a while i find whats holding everything together. thats what i’m trying to write about; what needs to be said, what is true, and what is real.
my writers block rarely comes for lack of inspiration or not know what to put on the page next. it comes for road blocks, lost socks, commitments and the reality that there are only 24 hours in the day. blocks that come down in front of me and stop me from getting all the way to my key board. but i will try, to find time pull at all the loose threads and write about what holds everything together.
writing about writing itself, i find is one of the hardest things to do, so with that i will say thank you for listening once m
ore and i hope that you will continue reading my blog!


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